Juan Scarpin, Director of RDC Santa Fe addresses the lecturers (RDC Santa Fe)


Development Head: Juan Alberto Scarpin

ADC ConSudAtle

Countries served: ten Spanish speaking: ARG, BOL, CHI, COL, ECU, PAN, PAR, PER, URU and VEN; two English speaking: GUY and SUR and one Portuguese speaking country: BRA.

The Area Development Centre is located at the Institute of Physical Education in Santa Fe city in Argentina.

Although it has been active since 1990, from 1st January 2018 and a result of the IAAF decentralization program, its activities are now coordinated by CONSUDATLE.

For activities held in Santa Fe, the RDC has a synthetic track, throwing areas, changing facilities, gymnastics and weight lifting rooms, kinesiology and recovery rooms, lecture rooms and premises and it offers full board accommodation to participants.

A Mobile RDC Programme has already started staging various activities in different Area countries, thus improving the services offered with most benefit.

More information is available at: consudatle.org